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About Mountain Top Rat Terriers  

Located in the Central Sierra Foothill Mountain Community Outside Mariposa, CA

Here at Mountain Top Rat Terriers, we breed for excellence in athleticism, breed type, and intelligence in all of our dogs. We are a hobby breeder, meaning we have only one to two choice litters a year, to ensure we continue our own show champion lines and to produce beloved family pets. Each of our dogs are a big part of our daily lives, whether it's sitting on the sidelines at school sports events, sleeping in someone's bed a night, or going to work every day with Jeanette as she travels the mountain, foothill area as a ranch veterinarian in her own large animal veterinary practice. It is not uncommon for Jeanette to bring 2-3 dogs with her on her daily rounds and she is often chided by her horse clients if she shows up without at least a Rattie or two in the truck ready to hunt and work. Many of her clients tease Jeanette they need to rent the dogs for time to manage their own ground squirrel, rodent problems on their properties.
As a veterinarian who graduated from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994, and who twice won the Westminster Kennel Club Scholarship awarded to veterinary students involved in the breeding, and showing of dogs, Jeanette has bred and shown many breeds of dogs in her life. The Rat Terrier has become her favorite for their quick minds, devoted and trainable temperaments, and amazing athleticism. They truly are a "big" dog in a little, more manageable package. Mountain Top Rat Terriers works closely together with Cal Val Rat Terriers, owned by Gail Holloway, who has been a generous and knowledgeable mentor and friend. After purchasing her foundation bitch Catch Me Tango, who was sired by one of Gail's UKC Grand Champions back in 2011, Gail graciously and generously helped Jeanette get started on the Rat Terrier path. Gail's family have been Rat Terrier breeders since the 1900s. Almost all of our dogs come from Cal Val bred lines and some of our dogs are listed on their page.  Together we have produced several Champion and Grand Champion AKC dogs. Feel free to give Gail at Cal Val Rat Terriers a look!

PLEASE CONTACT Reyna Mero, Jeanette's daughter, at 559-908-3481 or when inquiring about puppies.

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